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Grisham & Sullivan Updates

Hello all! I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season so far. With a ten-year-old boy whose birthday is also a week before Christmas, my wife and I definitely have our plates filled to capacity this time of year (too bad we can’t say the same thing about our wallets). But, of course, we wouldn’t have it any other way.

In addition to all the family fun, I’ve also been quite busy on the creative front. Some of you may have noticed over the past few weeks that the Grisham & Sullivan book covers have gotten a significant facelift. Thank you to Damonza (at for their fantastic design work. If you’re a writer in need of a high-quality cover for your book, you can’t do much better than these folks (unless you can design such a cover yourself, in which case, you have my undying respect).

I’m also hard at work on the fourth installment of the Grisham & Sullivan Series. The Last Good Agent should make its way to an e-reader near you sometime in early 2020. Those of you who have read the series up to this point know that Camille has been on an inevitable collision course with one Daniel Sykes. The Last Good Agent will see their paths finally cross, and for reasons that Camille could have never envisioned. For those who haven’t yet read ‘The Darkest Point’, I won’t give any spoiler details on how Camille finds herself face to face with her nemesis, but let’s just say that her life (literally) depends on the encounter going well.

I will give plenty of updates on my website and in my newsletter (which, if you haven’t already signed up for it, please do), including progress reports, sample chapters, and the final release date. Until then, I hope everyone has a beautiful day and a safe and happy holiday season.

All the best to you and yours,


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