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The Thin Wall

Corona Heights Anthology Vol. I

Thin Wall.jpg

Corona Heights is more than an apartment building...


Some residents believe it is haunted. Others believe it is cursed. None have been willing to confront the terrible secrets buried deep within its walls. Until now.

Fiona Graves is the building’s newest resident. She has given no thought to the darkness of its past. She only wants a place to call home while she attempts to rebuild her life. It was a simple plan. Unfortunately, life inside Corona Heights is anything but simple. 

There is something buried inside the walls of her apartment; a secret so horrific, so terrifying, that no one has dared speak of its existence. No one except for Olivia Shelby, the ten-year-old girl who lives next door. Fearing for her life, Olivia is desperate to confront the horrors of Corona Heights, and she has chosen Fiona to help her.

Faced with deadly supernatural forces far beyond their understanding, Fiona and Olivia must reveal the frightening truth of what Corona Heights really is, and the darkness that has, up until now, been safely contained within its walls. 

However, the pair will quickly discover that the building is good at keeping its secrets, and it will not surrender them without a fight. 


“The story was unique and very captivating to read.”

~Amazon Review


© 2023 John Hardy Bell/ Second Sight Publishing

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