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The Last Good Agent

Grisham & Sullivan Book 4

The Last Good Agent - eBook.jpg

They were separated by bars, armed guards, and reinforced steel. She should have felt completely safe in his presence. All it took was one look to realize the danger she faced had never been greater.


Newly reinstated as an FBI Agent, Camille Grisham is on the hunt for a man who patterns his crimes after Daniel Sykes, the notorious serial killer she helped capture. 

The copycat isn't a complete mystery to her. She’s seen his face. She knows his name. She understands his design. Most importantly, she fears he will kill again. To prevent that from happening, Camille must learn much more. Unfortunately, the one person who can best help her is also the last person in the world that she wants to face. 

Daniel Sykes was once the man whom Camille feared the most. Now, Sykes is the only one who can help her stop the psychopath determined to complete the reign of terror that he started.

And if this psychopath really is a Sykes copycat, Camille knows that she is his number one target. 



© 2023 John Hardy Bell/ Second Sight Publishing

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