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The Rogue Element

A Detective Scott Priest Thriller

The Rogue Element Final Cover.jpg

The murder of a beautiful young lawyer 
A political scandal unlike any the nation has seen 
Two homicide detectives shot in cold-blood 
And one of the police department's own stands accused of orchestrating the entire ordeal

The aftermath of these unimaginable crimes has left the law enforcement community in turmoil and an entire city shaken to its core. But for Detective Scott Priest, the daily business of solving homicides goes on. Today, it is the savage attack on a hotel room attendant inside a luxury suite. At first glance, the case appears routine. But for Priest, nothing about this case, or this day, will be routine. It begins with an impromptu meeting between the detective, his lieutenant, and a representative from the Attorney General’s office. It ends with a deadly series of events that complicate his case - and his life - in ways he could have never previously imagined. 

After today, the scandal that captured the nation’s attention will become very personal. After today, the business of being a homicide detective will never be the same. 


“A captivating, well-plotted book. Can't wait for the next installment.”

~Amazon Review


© 2023 John Hardy Bell/ Second Sight Publishing

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