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The Darkest Point

Grisham & Sullivan Book 3

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Camille Grisham’s father has been kidnapped. Her only chance to save him? Take responsibility for the crimes of a serial killer she helped capture.

It was a non-descript ten by twelve-foot space, with a rusted toilet on one side, an army cot on the other, and a small table and chair in the middle. It wasn’t technically a prison cell. But for Jacob Deaver, it certainly felt like one. He was being held here by a man whose life story he had been instructed to write. The final manuscript would not be published. It would be used instead to bait former FBI profiler Camille Grisham, whom Jacob’s captor holds responsible for his daughter’s murder. In another non-descript room somewhere very close by, Paul Grisham, Camille’s father, is also being held captive. For what purpose, no one knows. But one thing is known for sure: there isn’t much time to save him.

To do so, Camille rejoins the Bureau as a consultant. The abductor patterns his crimes after the infamous serial killer Daniel Sykes, and no one knows those patterns better than Camille. 

But this case is deeply personal. 

With homicide detective and trusted ally Chloe Sullivan by her side, Camille’s resolve will be tested in ways it never has, as she faces down a killer whose blind hatred and thirst for revenge threaten everything she holds dear.

His plan is to draw her out. One vicious word at a time. One threatened life at a time. By taking the bait, Camille can save the person she loves most. In return, she could end up losing more than she ever imagined possible.


© 2023 John Hardy Bell/ Second Sight Publishing

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