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The Strategist

Grisham & Sullivan Book 1

The Strategist - eBook.jpg

He wields immense power. She knows his darkest secret. Her conscience compels her to expose him. He will do whatever is necessary to ensure that doesn't happen. Even if it means murder...

When the psychological toll of chasing human monsters finally becomes too much to handle, FBI profiler Camille Grisham trades in her shield for what she hopes will be a quiet new beginning. What better place to start than home? Her father is there. Her best friend, Julia, is there.

But something else is there too. Something dark, deadly, and unforeseen. 

A secret. Powerful enough to destabilize an entire political system. 

A man. Desperate to contain that secret, no matter the cost.

A young, crusading lawyer. Caught at the center of it all.

The lawyer is Camille's best friend. And she is in grave danger. 

Blindsided by the horrific events that follow her arrival, Camille must scramble to piece together the tattered threads of Julia’s past. Each clue she uncovers lands her one step closer to a truth she isn’t prepared to face. And a killer she isn’t prepared to fight.

But fight him she must. And despite the personal monsters that have reduced Camille to a shell of her former self, losing is not an option.

Julia’s legacy depends on it. The integrity of an entire electoral system depends on it. Her very life depends on it. 

“One of the best mysteries I’ve read in a long time, and I’ve read many.”

~Amazon Review


© 2023 John Hardy Bell/ Second Sight Publishing

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